Selasa, 03 April 2012

Garmin Etrex Legend Charging Data Cable Professional Grade Custom Cable Outperforms Originalgarmin Etrex Legend at Cheap Price

Outperforms Etrex Professional Grade Custom   Legend  Cable Data Garmin Gps Ii  Originalgarmin Legend Etrex Charging

Garmin eTrex Legend H GPS Charging USB 2.0 Data Cable for your GPS! This professional grade custom cable outperforms the original! Garmin eTrex Legend H GPS

  • The A Days Tech Professional Charging USB Data Cable outperforms the originally manufactured (OEM) cable and all other aftermarkets commonly seen elsewhere!
  • This USB Charging Data Cable provides the ability to connect your phone to your computer with your software (sold seperately).
  • Cable also allows access to features such as Phonebook, Internet, Music, Ringtones, MP3, Calendar, etc as long as your phone and software support that feature.
  • Use your phone as a high speed modem and access Internet to check email, etc. (consult your carrier for this service)
  • Advanced charging regulation of this cable is controlled equally by the phone and computer. This means an accurate digitial charge without overcharging.

Price : $24.99

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