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How To Reduce Stress & Anxiety in Dogs

Thunder Jacket Dog Anxiety
Daisy is our fur-baby. She is treated just like a one of the family. She gets regular grooming, eats healthy food and even sleeps in our bed. Being our fur-baby, we worry about her when she isnt acting herself or when she is sick. It sadness us to see her upset, so we try to comfort her in everyway that we can.

But when it comes to fireworks and storms (thunder and lighting) it seems like we are helpless to her. Although fireworks are only a few times a year (New Years and Fourth of July), we live in Colorado, and get a lot of storms. Sometimes every night for weeks there are storms. These storms consist of heavy rain and loud lighting. The thunder and lightening gets so close to our house that a summer ago a tree in our neighborhood was hit and started on fire!

I cant blame Daisy for being scared of these noises, sometimes they scare me too! The problem is, my husband and I feel so useless during these times. No matter what we do we cant calm her nerves.

Then one day I heard talk about an anxiety-relieving dog jacket available for dogs. It was a product that had high ratings of success, seemed simple and was all natural. I read that it worked for stressful situations like storms and car rides. I couldnt wait to try it out.

We received the dog thunder jacket from Paw Posse. It came in a very lively box with a lot of information on it. Inside there was a pamphlet on how to introduce the shirt to the dog, with tips and instructions on how to put it on (good thing because it looks a bit confusing at first). In reality it was easy to use. Thunder-Shirt-for-dogs

The Thunder Jacket For Dogs is safe, effective, drug-free, and great for relieving anxiety and fear

Used for: fear of thunder, separation anxiety, barking problems, general training tool, any noise anxiety, crate anxiety, car and travel anxiety, any excitability, reactivity, general fearfulness, leash pulling and more.

Symptoms: panting, barking, shaking, drooling, whining, hiding, scratching, licking, seizures and more.

We tested the patent-pending ThunderShirt on Daisy. To get her used to the shirt we left it on the floor for a few days and periodically placed dog treats on it. This made her associate treats/getting feed/positive with the jacket. Then we put it on her for 10-45 minutes a few days in a row. After about a week she was accustom to it and didnt fight when we put it on her.

The jacket, which applies gentle pressure to a Daisys torso works in a similar way to a baby being swaddled. It cuddles the dog, and is described as a "hug" for dogs. The jacket seemed to calm Daisy after a few minutes of wearing it. She has worn it in the car a couple times and appears to pant and shake less. She still has nervousness and anxiety in the car, but we have seen a change. I have confidence that over time she will get better and better.

We have tested the jacket in the car, but have yet to experience a storm (usually only in the summer). And in a few weeks the fireworks will begin, so sure enough we will pull out the Thunder Jacket and help our dog get through the loud noises. My husband and I are thrilled that there is finally something to help our dog with anxiety, and we no longer feel completely helpless!

If your dog is anxious or fearful like mine is, I suggest checking out the Thunder Jacket For Dogs from Paw Posse. It can be purchased for $39.95 $44.95 online and it ships out fast!


Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a sample product from the sponsor for the purpose of this honest review. This did not affect the outcome of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. For full disclosure click here.

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