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How to: Stop Spiders in my House!

I like to think of my home as a welcoming place. To everyone and everything, except SPIDERS! Spiders are my nemesis. They always seem to be haunting me at the wrong times. Ive found them in my bed, in the bathtub, in the sink, on the door, and of course on the walls. I am quite fine with them during the daylight outside, but in my home please go away!

In the past, we have hired a professional pest sprayer, but chose to not renew the contract with them after we found out how easy it was to spray on our own. AND A HECKOFA LOT CHEAPER! I cannot tell you the hundreds of dollars we have saved by doing the pest control ourselves! We seriously dont see a difference in the numbers from when they did it, to when we do it!

One spider killer I love to use to keep out the creepy crawlers is TERRO Spider Killer. This super-spider-killing-spray by TERRO keeps out spiders including some of the worst of the worst like the deadly brown recluse, black widow and hobo spiders! (Weve seen a black widow in our garage so this is a must to keep them out of our home!)

Basically, as the temperatures drop from summer to fall, the spiders come indoors, therefore we treat our home with TERRO. By spraying TERRO on our cracks, corners and crevices we can guarantee there is no place for spiders to hide. By doing this we create a border control around the perimeter of our house, and stop the spiders from coming in at their usual locations. Not only does the spray kill spiders on contact, it also provides long-term protection up to 12 weeks.

I have seen less and less ALIVE spiders since spraying our home on a regular basis. I try to spray at least 2-3 times a year, and now I see how much of a significant reduction there is in creepy crawlers! YAY!

Connect with TERRO: For more information on how to get rid of spiders, ants and other unwanted pests, visit www.terro.com, you can also join them on their social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter @TerroadAnts.

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