Selasa, 03 April 2012

Sandisk Micro Secure Digitalmemory Cardsdsdq 2048 A10mretail Package Newest !

Digitalmemory 2048 Garmin Gps 48 A10mretail Package Secure Micro

Micro SD is currently the smallest memory card available commercially. It is derived from SanDisk TransFlash and is used mainly in mobile telephones, but also in handheld GPS devices, portable audio players, video game consoles and expandable USB flash memory drives. At 15mm × 11mm × 0.7mm it is about a quarter the size of an SD card. It includes and adapter which allows the Micro SD card to be used in regular SD devices.

  • Manufacturer Part Number: SDSDQ-2048-A11M

Price : $28.99

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