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5 Dreams from my Bucket List

Start of the Iditarod Race
I am not really a New Years Resolution type person. Sure I come up with a few things I would like to achieve, but I dont put a lot of pressure on them. Instead, I make Bucket Lists.


I like Bucket Lists because they give you more freedom to accomplish the items on your own terms. Sometimes things happen, freaks of nature (like weve seen so often last year) or a huge expenses you werent anticipating. These things can get in the way of accomplishing our goals that year, right?

So rather than pin it just to a year. I have a life to achieve them. And because of that, I have a long, long, long Bucket List. Someday I will share with you My Bucket List of Life in its entirety, but for now, here are 5 sample items I have on it.

1. Go to a MAJOR sporting event

This includes something like the SuperBowl or the Olympics. Something that costs hundreds of dollars and is a very, very big deal. No I am not made of money, but I just want to go once in my life. I plan on getting some sort of deals on discounted tickets so I can afford to go and not feel bad about the money spent!


I have a husky mix, and I love the breed. They are beautiful, intelligent and can be hard working like the sled pulling working dogs of the Iditarod. As a Flight Attendant, I have a unique opportunity to fly for cheap (or free) so someday I hope to make it to Alaska to watch the beginning of the Iditarod race. It will be really, really, really cold during winter in Anchorage, but I have a feeling it would be really, really, really worth it!

3. See Ball Drop or Thanksgiving Parade in Time Square

Ive been to New York about a dozen times, some for work and some for pleasure. It is a magical city full of life and hustle and bustle. It is so far from the type of lifestyle I have here in Colorado. There is just something about it. Every year I see the celebrations in New York for Thanksgiving and New Years from a distance (on TV that is). Just once I want to be there for the excitement. I hope someday to cross off at least one (if not both) of these events from my list!

4. Try Paddle boarding

Ive tested the waters and been surfing and wakeboarding. Ive bruised my tailbone and tried my best at snowboarding. Now all I am missing is some serene and relaxing paddle boarding. (Okay, technically skateboarding and longboarding too but I have no interest). Ive watched people from the shore and seen a million celebrities in magazines doing it. Just havent found the right opportunity to try it. One of these days I will though! After all, it is on my "Before I Kick the Bucket List" so I must!

5. Go to a Blogging Conference

So this one is blog related, and less personal. Ive been blogging now for 3 years and have yet to go to any of the many conferences. I read about them, and watch all the other niche bloggers go, but me, not yet. I am not sure why I havent jumped the gun and just bought the tickets. Maybe I am a little scared. Maybe I dont think I am "good enough" for a conference. Maybe too pricey? Maybe, maybe, maybe. I should just go, some time, just take a risk. Help me stay focused on this one, I need it!


These are just 5 of my many items on my bucket list. Do you have a bucket list?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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