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Granola MINUS the Grain! NoGRAINola paleo glutenfree


I need some paleo food shortcuts.

Because seriously, living a 100% Paleo lifestyle is not easy. Especially since my love for bread, sugar and carbs are VERY strong. It is time consuming to find and create alternatives for some of my beloved meals. We have gotten creative and made paleo pizza, pies and more. But sometimes I get tired of spending so much extra time making food paleo, so I just give in. But then I find companies that have already done the work for me! Companies like Primal Paleo Concepts that have developed foods that are typically not paleo, but they have created a version that is!

About Primal Paleo Concepts

Primal Paleo Concepts makes paleo foods and body care products without all the "yucky stuff". Some of their products include: noGRAINola unsweetened, noGRAINola original, and Miracle Pain Cream.

Their noGRAINola is REAL FOOD with REAL ingredients currently they are the only granola on the market that is naturally low carb, no sugar added and Paleo friendly! Oh, and most importantly the noGRAINola doesnt sacrifice taste! How do I know so? Ive taste tested their original noGRAINola product and I am sold!paleo granola nograinola_1
My Experience

My taste buds were impressed with their awesome paleo version of granola. Made with the simple ingredients: Organic Coconut, Almonds, Prunes (unsweetened, unsulfured), Carrots, Stevia, Himalayan Sea Salt there was NO GRAIN in this noGRAINola! Handful after handful I ate this rich-in-fiber, crunchy and delicious treat, I was eating it so fast, I had to make a note to save some for my husband!

If you like coconut, you will love this stuff. The hints of coconut were strong, and I loved it! The energy-boosting faux granola is just like regular granola, you can enjoy it for breakfast, snacks and more its great in yogurt, ice cream and multiple recipes. It is a nice addition to foods, but just as tasty alone, right out of the bag!

This no-grain granola is great for people who participate in the paleo lifestyle, who are gluten intolerant or gluten free, eat low-carb and it is vegan too!

Purchase Information

Feel free to browse through the Primal Paleo Concepts store at for more product info! Also, they are so sure you will love their products that they offer a 100% money back guarantee! Create an account or shop as a guest, either way, you can fill your shopping cart with some affordable premium paleo products! Miracle Pain Cream is $20 and noGRAINola is $7.99 and ships worldwide!

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