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Giveaway What to Pack for Air Travel: Dramamine


I am around travelers for the majority of my week. As a flight attendant, I get to take people on their dream vacations, to their new homes, to relatives and more! If there was one thing I could advise travelers to pack before they stepped on board, it would be items that provide comfort.

Being comfortably prepared means a lot of different things, for different people. For instance, bring a portable movie player or coloring book for children, to entertain them while they have to stay put in their seats. Too often do I see kids with NOTHING to do, bored out of their mini-minds and bugging everyone around them! Another thing for everyone is to bring an empty water bottle (since new ones wont make it passed TSA). I say this so you can fill up your bottle at the water fountain inside security. I have suggestions up the wazoo to give to people to ease their travel. Along the same lines, if you are a nervous flier, or have a sensitivities to motion, I highly recommend Dramamine.

When a family member gets sick on vacation, its a problem for the whole family, says Madeline Blaize, Assistant Brand Manager for Prestige Brands

Dramamine is the leading brand of motion sickness relief. This product is used for relieving nausea, dizziness and vomiting. It prevents motion sickness before it happens. It is great for travel via boat, plane, train or automobile. It is a must-pack if you dont do well in turbulence. Because unlike the car, we cant pull over the plane for you to be sick. I deal with a lot of puking passengers, and little did they know, they wouldnt be in such a dilemma if they had some Dramamine before take off.

Now, I should mention I fly hundreds and hundreds of hours a year, and sometimes motion sickness effects me too! I am not going to say that I am above getting sick especially when we are rocking and rolling! While I am typically fine in a car and airplane, I am not this way on a boat! Ive had my fair share of sea-sickness, and let me tell you it is not fun! Therefore, I always pack Dramamine so I am prepared for the worst. And I suggest you do too!

Dramamine is now available in Less Drowsy and Kids chewable, it is a must-have for your packing list! Dramamine for Kids comes in a safety travel case with 8 chewable tablets that have a great-tasting grape flavor. Dramamine Less Drowsy is available in an 8 count travel vial. For more information on Dramamine for Kids, Dramamine Less Drowsy and other Dramamine products, visit

Giveaway: How exciting! For this giveaway we will have 2 winners who will each win a Travel Tote and 3 Dramamine products including: Dramamine Childrens (1), Dramamine Less Drowsy (1) and Dramamine Original (1) all in a nice canvas travel tote. (Approximate Retail Value: $35)

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I Heart Giveaways This giveaway will close on February ... Finding a new place and getting to travel there ... some of my readers can also experience this prize pack! WIN IT: Dramamine has ... Leisure / Business Travel Packing List - Travel Light (One Bag)! leisure and business travel packing list - travel light - carry-on luggage "the go-light guru" Time Magazine ... You can travel as an air courier. Forget your Password - Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief Dramamine Motion Sickness Relief for prevention and treatment of nausea, vomiting and dizziness associated with motion sickness. CONTACT US; ... INSTAGRAM TRAVEL. Plane ride with a 3 year old? - Yahoo! Answers There are a few things you can do when traveling by air with a 3 year old or ... purchase a second battery pack for ... Discover Questions in Air Travel. How to Travel by Air: 10 steps - wikiHow How to Travel by Air. ... Pack what you'll need, but pack well. ... Dramamine can be a lifesaver if you hit some rough turbulence. Contest Corner: The Best Giveaways on The Net! Oregon Coast Blogger Prize Description: Enter to win a VH Prize Pack (total ARV of package is approximately $25)! Entry deadline: January 13th, 2013. ... Enter this giveaway here: ... Medications for Travel Dramamine (dimenhydrinate) and Bonine ... Air Travel; Hotels and Lodging; International Travel; Packing and Accessories; (Dramamine) - 2 WINNERS ... 2 WINNERS Dramamine Holiday Travel Prize Pack. Eligibility: U.S., 18+ End date: January 03, 2013 Prizes: 2 WINNERS Dramamine Holiday Travel Prize Pack. Link to the contest. How to Prepare for Motion Sickness Pack an extra bag of clothes. ... Use medication such as Dramamine. ... How to Prevent Motion Sickness in Air Travel. The Best Way to Prevent Motion Sickness. How to Enjoy an International Flight Air Travel; Book an International Flight; ... Pack plenty of things to keep busy, including magazines, books, crossword or word puzzles, playing cards, ...

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