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Footwear with Copper Conductors JUIL Shoes

I made the mistake of only packing one pair of boots on a weekend trip awhile back. What I thought was a good way to conserve space in my bag, actually ended up being a very bad, bad idea. My really cute boots that did in fact go with every outfit I brought, were comfortable enough for a day, but beyond that, they were a pain. Day two my toes were cramped, my feet were swollen and my back hurt. It was a major FAIL on my part. The reason I tell you this story, is because I still DO believe only packing one pair of shoes on a trip is a smart idea, if you are packing the right pair of shoes that is!

For instance, my JUIL clogs are practical when just packing one pair. In fact Ive done it multiple times. JUIL-shoes-on-the-go-rebala
I took these pictures on my latest work adventure. In four days these shoes were in airports, hotels, shuttles, and more. I trekked the city with my JUIL Copenhagen clogs and in four days time they traveled to Hawaii, California, Washington and Colorado! Even with all that use, my feet were still happy!

About JUIL Footwear

JUIL Footwear was created to enhance the shoe wearers well-being. By placing Energy Flow Technology (compound copper conductors) directly through the footbed and outsole of the sandals, Juil offers a direct conduit between our bodies and the earths surface. They have classic and stylish designs of sandals and clogs for both men and women. The footwear is available in whole sizes 5-11 for women and 7-13 for men.

JUIL Footwear Package

I wear the Copenhagen clogs in black. The shoes came shipped to me in one of the best presentations of footwear I have ever seen! The shoebox is a pull out with a JUIL tab. It is a simple slide open the box to reveal the shoes. The shoes came delicately wrapped and stuffed with tissue paper to keep their shape and protect them. There was also an included pamphlet about the technology and the other styles, a thank you card, an adorable circle tag and a fun shoe bag! Wow!box-shipping-juil-shoes-clo

About the Copenhagen Style

I can wear my JUIL clogs all day without any aches and pains. These shoes look great under jeans, so they are perfect for many of my fall and winter outfit changes. They are solid and comfortable and dont leave my foot begging for more padding or stability. Ive only had them for a few weeks, but it is obvious they are long lasting and well made great for the long haul.

What makes these shoes even more unique is the natural components of the shoes. Similar to walking barefoot and being grounded to the earth, these shoes have a special technology that I can feel. But unlike being barefoot, my feet still have protection! This technology has been used in various forms for centuries to heal and renew. Copper conductors are so neat!energy-footwear-shoes-juil
Along the same lines of comfort, the sizing is great. If you are a half size, it is recommended to order a size up, whereas the sandals are a size down. I got the size 8, since I am typically a 7 1/2-8. The sizing was a perfect match. It is not too loose or too tight. They are cozy and stretch to my feet.

My Recommendations

If you are looking for shoes that can be work shoes (perfect for nurses, restaurant workers, etc.) or everyday shoes for your fall and winter wear, check out the JUIL shoes. They are not your average shoe, and although the price might be steep for some, these shoes are worth it. Shoes that last for the long run, will save you money in the long run!

Be Social! Connect with them on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter @JUILConnect.

Purchase! The mens and womens shoes can be purchased online at The various style range in prices approx. $125- $165. The Copenhagen style is available in the colors brown (4920) and black (4910) for an MSRP $165.

Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a sample product from JUIL for the purpose of this honest review. This did not affect the outcome of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. For full disclosure click here.

Juil Sandals - Be grounded with copper conductors - Free Shipping ... Shop the entire collection of Juil Sandals. The copper conductors in Juil Sandals allow you to maintain a connection with the surface of the Earth. Introducing Juil Footwear: Awakening Our Soles, Grounding Our ... But Juil shoes go a step further by incorporating copper conductors into the shoes' soles to ground us and connect ... Juil footwear is currently available in five ... Spotlight On Juil Sandals & Footwear Awaken Your Soles ... We are absolutely and totally in love with Juil Sandals & Footwear! ... the copper conductors in the soles of Juil sandals discharge and absorb the Earths natural ... Juil Shoes - Free Shipping & Returns at Shop for Juil shoes on sale at Order Juil sandals online ... That's what our copper conductors are all about. Our footwear is the next best thing to ... Juil Sandals Review and Giveaway - Mommy Explorer Designed by an open-minded international crew of footwear ... little copper conductors ... connected to the earth.Juil sandals keep you connected ... The Black Dress Traveler : Stay Grounded on the Go with Juil Footwear I was recently introduced to Juil shoes and have been testing them out for ... containing copper conductors ... To learn more about Juil footwear, visit their ... *** FREE SHIPPING *** - Juil Let's Connect - Home All Men's Shoes. Apollo; Kilimanjaro; Yuba; Grounding; Technology; Blog; ... Stay Connected with Juil and enhance your wellbeing. After all, Connection Feels Better. Juil Footwear: Awakening Our Soles - Focus Magazine of SWFL ... But Juil shoes go a step further by incorporating copper conductors into the shoes soles to ground us and connect ... Juil footwear is currently available in five ... Juil - Mequon, WI - Retail and Consumer Merchandise Facebook I want everyone to discover the Juil brand of footwear! Juil shoes are both ultra stylish and they have unique copper conductors built into them that allow you to ... *** FREE SHIPPING *** - juil Lets connect. That's what makes the copper conductors in our soles so special. ... For each pair of Juil footwear purchased, a pair of shoes will be donated to a person in need in a ...

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