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For the Techy HolidayGifts iMagnet Smartphone and Tablet Mounts


I love my Android phone. Im practically attached to it. I use it for everything from music, to surfing the web. I watch videos on it, update Facebook, shop, text and yes, I even on occasion make phone calls with it. As anyone that has a smartphone can tell you, using the mapping features and navigation capabilities are huge when youre trying to get from Point A to Point B! Most folks I know use their phones in their cars to help with directions and with almost all new cars including Bluetooth connectivity your phones music capabilities are in even more demand while cruising around town. My EVO 4G LTEs music app gets a workout on my way to and from work. So unless I want to fumble to find my phone so I can change songs or try and prop it up on the dash if Im feeling directionally challenged, I need a really good phone mount. Enter the iMagnet! The iMagnet Mount is a groundbreaking

LOVE: Sticks anywhere easily and securely. Theyve patented the suction cup because its THAT good no kidding. Weve all likely used a suction style mount product in the past and most of us were pretty disappointed when we found out that it only sticks to glass or other super smooth surfaces. The iMagnets suction cup has a slightly tacky feel to it and is squishy so it will stick to surfaces that have a little bit of texture to them like my cars dash!! The one thing I was REALLY excited about for this mount is that it seems like I can mount it anywhere thats convenient in my car. My last mount only worked in one place (the CD player slot) and that wasnt very convenient as it covered up my stereo when the phone was in place. As soon as I went to mount the iMagnet I picked an ideal location and it just worked two weeks of use and its still as secure as ever!imagnet-car-mount-for-cell-

Okay, so it has held in place well with the suction but how about the magnetic mounting system? Zero problems. In fact, its MORE secure than my previous mount which was secured into the CD player slot!! The charging cable doesnt move the device, using the touchscreen doesnt change the orientation, and small vibrations arent seen at all. The ball-head mount is ideal for getting the phone/device positioned in the right way. Another innovative piece is that the ball head can be locked into place so it doesnt move around at all. No more fidgeting with the device trying to get it to face the right direction. The fact that its magnet based means you can rotate your phone with ease. I love that I can put my phone into landscape mode or portrait mode without any effort at all. This is perfect for quickly switching from portrait for my music player to landscape for some navigation action.

If youve tried other mounts you know what Im talking about when I say that getting your device out of the mount when youre in a hurry is kind of annoying. The iMagnet Mount makes that a thing of the past. It is grab and go and mounts back up just as easy.

Whats more? It works and is safe with all devices! Fantastic really in that it makes a great gift that you can get for someone who has a iPhone, Android, smartphone even if you dont know exactly what model it is. Its super easy to install and I highly recommend it and at $20 its a steal.

Im not the only one whos been extremely happy with this little mount Look at the reviews on!!! 4.9 average stars (out of 5). Really really awesome device go pick one up over at Amazon or check it on their website at


Have a tablet? Check out the iMagnetMount for iPad and other tablets. Same great idea but larger for use with tablets. The folks over at iMagnet include a silicon case for you iPad that has the magnetic disk built in but they smartly also include a separate magnetic disk for use with other tablets. Stick the disk on the tablets case and youre good to go! Im so excited about this product that I almost secured the disk to the back of my Android tablet directly!! However, thats not recommended so Ive got a tablet case picked out thats going to work perfectly with my brand new iMagnet Mount for tablets. Cant wait!!

This short video from our friends over at iMagnet Mount shows some awesome configurations of the iMagnet in use:

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