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Snapseed leads Android Apps of the Week

This week's list brings us an all-star line-up of apps from all the big wig developers, including Google and Twitter. Granted some of these apps, like the top app of the week Snapseed, aren't so big on Android yet, but they surely will be. Snapseed is a cool photo editor with a slick interface, and we've also got a photo-based Twitter update to enjoy. Google and Rhapsody both intend to expand your music libraries, and Viddy is a fun way to capture short video clips and beautify them for your favorite social networks.

Snapseed (Free)

After enjoying a lot of success and popularity on iOS, this award-winning mobile photo editor app makes it over to Google Play. Yes, I know, photo editing apps frequent this list a lot lately, but hey! They're quite popular and there have been some big ones lately. Snapseed from Nik Software gives you plenty of tools and filters to make you a mobile life capturing artist. The selling point here is the ease of use and streamlined interface. You can selectively adjust different objects or areas of a photo, add borders, throw some fun depth of field effects in, and share everything with your favorite social networks with a simple touch.

Twitter update (Free)

Speaking of photo editing on the go, the latest Twitter update lets you make some basic tweaks and edits to your photos as well, turning the app into something of an alternative Instagram. It still keeps all the other beloved Twitter features, but adds the ability to share and edit photos through a feature called TwitPic. This is all due to a bit of break-up between Instagram and Twitter, Instagram being married (read: owned by) Facebook and whatnot. Twitter was tired of playing third wheel, and took a stand, leading to this attempt to salvage the same functionality Instagram users once enjoyed.

Rhapsody SongMatch (Free)

While we recently saw Rhapsody on this list for its most recent updates, which made it easier to discover new music via a listening history, Rhapsody has gone ahead and released an all new stand-alone app. Rhapsody SongMatch uses your device's microphone and Internet connection to listen to and identify any song that you might hear playing in a store or on the radio. The days of Google searching lyric quotes to find a match are truly dead and gone. Of course, you can save these results and listen to them instantly on the Rhapsody service, provided you are a subscriber.

Sound Search for Google Play (Free)

Well isn't that a fun coincidence? The giants of Google have gone and released basically the same app as Rhapsody SongMatch, sans the attachment to a subscription based service. Using your device's microphone and Internet connection (again), you can identify and save any song you hear while out and about, with the ability to purchase identified songs from the Google Play store and add them directly to your library. You can even add the widget directly to your lock screen, saving you precious seconds of hassle. If you still buy music rather than stream it, here is your app.

Viddy (Free)

Viddy is kind of hard to describe. It's a video editor, but not in the way any filmmaker would find useful. Essentially, it's the Instagram or Snapseed of the video world, letting you capture moments and artsify them up with color correction, retro filters, and what have you. You can only capture short segments of video, but you can also add some popular songs to them to create a mood, and of course, share your creations with social media. This isn't meant as a serious editing app, but more as just a fun aside. The app is a bit lackluster technically, however, with a few too many bugs and glitches.

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