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I Went Back to School Too! With Maggie Bags!

Usually my husband and I do our own thing and have totally different hobbies. We are such opposite people and enjoy separate activities, but lately we have been trying new activities that we both enjoy together. We have found immense satisfaction in spending meaningful and quality time together in this way. Weve been traveling, camping, playing tennis and now we are taking a local community college course together!

It is such a neat feeling doing all these new things together, especially the college class. Its fun because we didnt grow up together or meet in college, so we never experienced going to school together and now we are! We study, do homework and sit by each other in our classand it is a blast!

Ok, I know what you are thinking. "What does this have to do with Maggie Bags?". Understandably so. Well let me explain. The first day of class, I was nervous as any kid on their first day of school. I had butterflies and thought long and hard about what I should wear! I mean, goodness have been out of college for 6-years! I just didnt know what to expect! I got my outfit together, gathered my pens and notebook but then what about a backpack? Was I too old for a backpack? Well, kind of. Twenty-eight year olds just dont look right in backpacks. Luckily, I had the perfect, sophisticated solution!

My stunning eco-friendly Maggie Bag was perfect for my school bag. It fit my Spanish textbook, notebook, pens and all of my regular purse items in it. It is a spacious, over-the-shoulder handbag and purse. It is made from recycled seat belts, which means it minimizes the negative environmental impact of manufactured consumer goods! Which makes me feel like a true college student, thoughtful of the social responsibility of this bag!

Other than the Bucket Tote being my awesome-new school bag, it has been my go-to purse for the last few weeks. This tote is my new favorite bag for so many reasons. For one thing, I have never had so many compliments on a purse before! People love the color (royal blue) and the neat design (seatbelts). The bag fits everything my laptop and tablet even! Not to mention it is comfortable on my shoulder and can be worn a few different ways (I am a fan of across the chest style).

This bag has both style and class. From the sturdy strap all the way down to the 4 pegs on the bottom of the purse, it is of the highest quality. The clasps are all shiny silver and heavy duty. The front is two metal rings entwined in the seatbelt, and are magnetic to the body of the purse. Inside the purse is a satin purple lining with multiple pockets. There is a zipper pocket on one side for all the things that need safe keeping, and small cut out pockets on the other side. The pockets fit my phone, keys, lip gloss, pens and more.

This bag is everything I look for in a bag. I cant say enough things about the sleek, functional, roomy Seatbelt Hand Bag. And now that I have been in class for a few weeks, I can gladly say it holds up well and is still in great condition. It goes with me everywhere and you cant even tell! Well enough about the bag, I better get to studying, class tomorrow!

Wanna Get Your Own?
You can purchase the Bucket Tote or any other Maggie Bags on But best of all, click here Maggie Bags and youll get 25% off the premier collection by USING CODE- InTheBag. How awesome!

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