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Vacuum Sealing with Michael Symon Live to Cook by Weston

A vacuum sealer is a great tool for storing food, marinating food, and preserving other non-food goods. The benefits of having a vacuum sealer and the things you can vacuum seal are endless. I always knew I wanted a vacuum sealer, but never knew just how amazing having one would be!

Its humorous actually, I have to stop myself now from over-purchasing discounted meats in the "last chance" grocery section because I am so excited to go home, seal them and save them for later! We are saving a great deal of money by doing our shopping (and storing) this way!vac-seal-corn-on-the-co

Having the Michael Symon Live to Cook Vacuum Sealer has exceeded my vacuum sealing expectations. Literally, no food is going to waste in my home any longer! I have used it just about everyday with the garden fruits and vegetables. My husband enjoys marinating his meat with the vacuum sealer. Because we are sealing and saving everything our extra upright freezer in our garage, is filling up quickly with green beans, tomatoes, meats, peppers and more.

I literally want to vacuum seal everything in sight, thanks to the super easy vacuum sealer by Weston Supply. The Michael Symon Live to Cook Vacuum Sealer will lock in freshness, flavor and nutritional value of food with just a simple push of a button!

(I know I can talk, and talk, and talk) So, let me tell you a little about the products:

Having a vacuum sealers alone, wont do you any good without the vacuum sealing bags! Luckily, Weston has a number of high-quality, yet affordable, vacuum bags. They are food safe and can even be reused (unless they were used for raw meats.) The bags are sold in rolls or pre-cut sizes. vac-seal-bags-rolls

Weston Universal Vacuum Bags
Can be used in most leading brand vacuum sealers
Heavy-duty with air removing channels
Simmer or microwave food right in the bag*
Marinate food in minutes
Made from FDA listed food safe materials
Great for food and non-food uses like preserving collectibles, valuable documents, silver or electronic items!

*Do note: A small puncture in the Vacuum Bag is required before warming cooked foods or defrosting foods in the microwave. When simmering food in a Vacuum Bag, closely monitor that the pot has plenty of water and the Vacuum Bag is not in direct contact with the bottom of the pot.

These bags are very reasonably priced. You can purchase them by the roll, in variety packs or specific sized packs. The commercial grade vacuum bags range in price based on the different quantities and sizes, from $14.99 $42.99. To give you a better idea, for $19.99 you can get the (11inx18ft) 3-pack rolls, the (11inx50ft) roll, or the 50-pack variety bags. That is a lot of vacuum sealing for just $19.99!

Weston Vacuum Canisters

Locks out air and moisture, keeps foods fresher longer
Quick marinating of vegetables, meats & pickling
Includes universal vacuum hose to fit most sealers
Easy to use, smart sizes container
Top rack dishwasher safe

The Vacuum Canisters are a handy addition to the Weston Vacuum Sealer. These canisters are ideal for marinating you wouldnt know what you were missing until you had them. What seems like a unnecessary sold-separately extra, is really something not to be overlooked! Especially if you do a lot of marinating!

It is easy to marinate foods with canisters combined with the vacuum sealer. There are two canister buttons on the vacuum sealer control panel, specifically for this purpose. The "Accessory" button will engage the vacuum pump and beep when the seal is complete. Vac-sealing-control-panel-v
At that time, you can tug on the canister lid, and feel that it is tight. It should not move. As for marinating, use the "Marinate" button on the control panel. This process takes longer (there is a 10-minute or 20-minute marinate process), but in the end will save you hours of typical marinating. Instead of marinating for 24 hours or more, your food will be ready immediately after the marinating process is through! (Its kind of magic.)

The canisters save you time, because they marinate foods fast! And just because it is a fast process, doesnt mean you meat isnt juicy and succulent. In fact, because all of the air has been suctioned out of the canister, the juice and flavor remain in the food, that much more. The food remains tender, juicy and flavorful. The canisters are sold separately (1.4 L and 2L) or as a pair. For $24.99 you get both canister sizes and the vacuum hose accessory.

Michael Symon Live to Cook Vacuum Sealer by Weston
Angled vacuum chamber opening to help prevent liquids from entering vacuum chamber
Commercial quality vacuum pump with fan cooled motor for consistent sealing (Wont overheat!)
Automatic mode has simple one-touch vacuum-to-seal operation
Manual seal mode lets you control vacuum pressure for delicate jobs Weston-vacuum-sealer-black-

Stylish black design with brushed stainless steel lid
Easy-to-use control panel

The sleek, attractive black and stainless steel vacuum sealer came with everything I needed to get started that same day including a recipe book and 15 bonus bags in pint, quart and gallon sizes! I began sealing right away meats, garden vegetables and more. I quickly found how easy it is, as easy as just a one-push button!

Before using the "The Iron Chef"-recommended machine, youll want to wash the vegetable as needed, or dry off the excess juices from meats. You dont need everything to be completely dry, but the better seal youll get the dryer the food. Of course this is not the case if you are marinating food. You can leave the liquid in with the meat, just be careful it doesnt get into the vacuum chamber. I found a few tricks online for achieving this, like using a paper towel in the bag to block the juice from the chamber. Once your foods are ready and seasoned to your desire, the rest is a cinch!vacuum-sealer-weston

There are a few ways to seal the bags. Just begin by pushing the on/off button. If you want the sealer to automatically seal the bag, push start and your food will automatically take the air out and seal, without any effort on your part! If you want to have a bit more control over the process, you can use the pulse button to take out the desired amount of air, and then the seal button to seal the bag shut. This type of seal might be handy for items you dont want to get squished like bread or food that will look unappetizing if they are suctioned too tightly. Either way you use the machine, it is easy-peasy (even for a non-techy like me!)

While vacuum sealers might be a hefty priced investment to begin with, in my opinion they are worth it, for the future money you will save. Vacuum sealing meats and vegetables means the storage life of the product will increase, and less food will go to waste. The Michael Symon Live to Cook Vacuum Sealer by Weston is $199 at WestonSupply.com, which is very reasonably priced for the quality of this vacuum sealer.

The Michael Symon Live to Cook Vacuum Sealer by Weston is an incredible unit. It is versatile, commercial quality and preserves food in a flash. This product is great for the beginner or expert chef who is looking to marinate, compress, sous vide, and preserve foods all with one tool.

Where to Find Weston Products:

  • Purchase at WestonSupply.com
  • Weston Supply on Facebook
  • Weston Supply on Pinterest
  • Twitter: @WestonProducts

If I havent yet talked your ear off enough, then check out my review of the Weston Vacuum Sealer on YouTube. I show how-to vacuum seal meats and vegetables, I give the run down of the basics and how to use the Michael Symon Live to Cook Vacuum Sealer by Weston. If you are a hunter, a gardener or a smart shopper, tune in!

Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a sample product from the sponsor for the purpose of this honest review. This did not affect the outcome of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. For full disclosure click here.

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