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Proper Ways to Drink TeaFrom Tetley Tea

A couple of years ago my husband and I visited some friends and took holiday in Ireland. It was a magical trip of exploring small towns, the countryside, and the big city too. We ate, drank and enjoyed like the Irish. While we were there we tested famous Irish drinks like Jameson whiskey, Guinness, Kilkenny, Baileys Irish Cream, Mead liquor and Irish coffee.

But when we didnt have a pint glass in hand, we had a tea cup. Now, this was new to me. The Irish drank tea after every meal, during the meal, and then even in-between meals. And since we were doing as the Irish did, I thought I would join them. I wasnt a tea drinker before the trip, but Ireland got me hooked.

When we got home from our trip, I craved tea after dinner. All of the sudden I was checking out a whole new section on the grocery isle I had never bought tea before! Now I have about 6 boxes in the cabinet, from fruity teas, chai, black, caffeinated and non caffeinated teas. Some I enjoy without any additions, while others I like to add milk, honey or sugar to!

The latest tea that I have tried is Tetley tea. The British Blend (just dont tell my Irish friends) is one of the few sold in the United States, along with Black Tea and Green Tea. The tea is simple and soothing for an after dinner tea beverage, or just for a sippable warm treat during the day, especially as the days get colder! It is a rich and robust tea, with some caffeine to give me a little pick me up. The tea leaves are from some of the worlds finest from Africa and India. I like to enjoy this tea with a little sugar and milk.

But was I drinking it correctly? Did you know that there are classic methods of drinking tea? Like if the sugar or milk go first? So if you want to be more proper about your tea here are some tips:

  • Rather than stirring, the correct way to incorporate milk is to place the teaspoon in the 6 Oclock position in the cup and gently fold the milk from 6 Oclock to 12 Oclock
  • Never leave the spoon in, remove it and set it on a plate or napkin
  • Milk, rather than cream is preferred, so it doesnt overpower the flavor of the tea
  • Some may add milk before, but adding it after the tea is poured ensures the right amount is added
  • Sugar should be added after milk- 1-2 teaspoons is the standard amount
  • Although a practice of many, it is not correct etiquette to wrap the string of the tea bag around the spoon and squeeze, but rather, it should be removed and set aside
  • Black tea and black-based tea blends are typically the only ones served with milk
  • tetley-tea-spokesman
    Though most tea today is drank from mugs, if using a traditional tea cup, you should never loop your finger through the handle, but rather grasp it with your thumb and first two fingers. Holding the pinkie up help balance the cup to avoid spills
  • Though tea traditions date back hundreds of years, the fact that it provides and rewarding and beneficial experience hasnt changed and Tetley, the tea preferred by more British households, brings the classic flavors and rich blends to the US
Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a sample product from the sponsor for the purpose of this honest review. This did not affect the outcome of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. For full disclosure click here.

With Our Best - Best of product reviews, giveaways, coupons and deals! Proper Ways to Drink TeaFrom Tetley Tea. October 16, 2012 By Karissa Leave a Comment. A couple of years ago my husband and I visited some friends and took holiday in Ireland. Tea culture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia As much as in modern wine tastings, the proper vessel ... with binding agents such as blood. Serving the tea from tea ... Iranians traditionally drink tea by pouring it into a ... Tea in the United Kingdom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia There is also a proper manner in which to drink tea when using a cup and ... Drinking tea from the saucer (poured from the ... Tetley's tea released competing pogs but never ... Five Ways to Drink Tea PurpleSlinky Five Ways to Drink Tea. ... to drink tea. But the question is what type of mug? Bone china? Novelty easter egg mug? The answer is clear, the best mug to drink tea from ... Proper Way to Serve Tea - Professor' s House - Online Magazine ... The proper way to serve tea is of utmost importance to the British. When the process begins ... For those in other countries, however, tea has been merely a drink that you ... How to Make a Proper Cup of English Tea - Yahoo! Voices - voices ... ... to make a proper cup of English tea. Tea is more than just a hot drink ... Drinking tea regularly can help you in all sorts of ways ... Review: Tetley British Blend Tea; Tea ... Tetley Tea Nutrition LIVESTRONG.COM Tetley tea is low in nutrients you may wish to limit, such ... Stay-Cool Running Gear; 20 Ways to Instantly Improve ... Food & Drink Tools Question for Brits re: tea (and the proper way to drink it ... ... there a proper or "correct" way to drink tea ... we just drink tea from a normal tea bag earl grey is still for sale in shops but we mostly drink PG tips or Tetley ... Tetley Softpack 240 Teabags 750G - Groceries - Tesco Groceries Tetley black tea. In 1837, Tetley blenders ... At Tetley, we've made a commitment to source all our tea from Rainforest Alliance ... ensure this information is correct ... Tetley Tea FAQ Does Tetley buy any teas from China? None of our Black tea blends contain any tea from ... is a proper cup of tea ... to drink. Remember, boiling water poured over the tea ...

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