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Skin Rejuvenation Cleaning Brush from Toilet Tree

I dont know about you, but sometimes I am overwhelmed by the number of skin-clearing products on the market. There isnt a day that goes by that I dont hear some celebrity on television, read about some chemical online or in a magazine, or just have a conversation with someone about how/what they are doing to clear their skin currently. Its exhausting trying to find a solution, to a very, very frustrating problem pimples and acne.

Hi, Im almost 30 and still have pimples

It wasnt until recently that I started breaking out for no apparent reasons. I am not sure whether to thank or curse the pimple gods for waiting to give me breakout after breakout until I was in my mid twenties. I am sure some would say I am lucky because I avoided acne throughout my self-absorbed and sensitive teen years but having a pizza face at age 28 isnt exactly great either.

So what do I do about it? Well, as a product reviewer, I test products out. I find ones that I like and work for me and ones that dont. I slowly learn about skin care products by testing each out individual and seeing if they stand the test.

What is this about clogged pores and dead skin cells?

This wasnt the first time I had heard about how important it is to remove dead skin cells from your face for a cleaner and clearer look. Id heard it time and time again from the spa esthetician and the dermatologist too. But I never could fathom spending a hundred dollars (or more) for the machine. Well, when I saw that there was a product from Toilet Tree that was essentially the same idea and concept a machine that spun and removed dead skin cells, and was only $32.95, I couldnt resist trying it. The price is reasonable, and if this product really worked, it would be a product I would gladly recommend. toilet-tree-review-product-
Tested and Approved

The Professional Skincare System gives you the spa feel, at an do-it-yourself home price! The machine works by a quickly spinning attachment head and literally brushes and polishes away dead skin. It exfoliates and then rejuvenates. An added benefit to your skin being cleared away of pore-clogging dead skin is that your face will be soft as ever!

After using this product for a couple weeks, I decided a few things. The system is well made, inexpensive and has all the pieces necessary for improving my skin. BUT I needed to be patient. It took around a week to notice any difference. While my skin felt soft after using it just once, I didnt realize any appearance change for a few days after that.

My Recommendations

If you need some help with reducing problem skin such at oily skin, dry patches, fine lines, blemishes, visible pores, and blackheads; this product will assist you in reducing the appearance of those. It only takes a few minutes a day, and is easy and worthwhile. All of us have dead skin on our face, and this is an ideal way of getting rid of it, to help reduce clogged pores, and save us money at the spa!

Product and Purchase Information

The system includes the main machine, 2 face exfoliators (1 soft for sensitive skin and 1 medium for normal skin), 1 body exfoliator, 1 pumice sphere and batteries all for $32.95. It is waterproof, so perfectly safe when using during your daily shower routine. It comes in the colors: pink, blue, grey. ToiletTree Products Professional Skin Care System is available on

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Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a sample product from the sponsor for the purpose of this honest review. This did not affect the outcome of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. For full disclosure click here.

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