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Purex plus Oxi is Great for The Clumsy! 3 Winner Giveaway


What is the most powerful Purex detergent you can buy right now? Well, thats simple, the new Purex plus Oxi. It has just recently came out in the market as a detergent with super stain removing powers. Purex plus Oxi has even more stain-fighting power than regular Purex detergent because it combines the proven performance of Purex detergent + the stain-fighting power of Oxi. And by super stain powers, I mean it can get rid of over 101 stains!

Just how dirty are flight attendants?

Get your mind out of the gutter. Ok now, lets begin. Heres the low down on just how nasty my work uniform is after a 3-day trip While I might start off put together, after a few flight legs per day, Ive most likely spilled juice, soda and maybe even some dribbles of wine on my polyester pieces. I am not even that clumsy, but you try serving 150 people drinks in less that 40 minutes. Not only do I get drinks all over me, if you fly you know just how much variation there is in temperature on the plane. Hot, cold, hot cold. I sweat in my uniform like I am working out in the gym. Oh, and all the people grime I have at least rubbed elbows with 10 passengers as I try to shimmy down the narrow aisle. I brush up again the dirty plane too. Then after the gross day, I am so exhausted by the time I reach the hotel, I just throw my clothes on the hotel bed or floor. Is that dirty enough for you?

So hopefully I have painted an image of my incredible grimy, gross work uniform and my exceptional need for a good laundry detergent. Now the question remains, is Purex plus Oxi powerful enough?Purex-Oxi-Stains-New-Laundr

Stain testing testing, testing.

I put the Purex plus Oxi formula to the test on my grimy work clothes. I took them out of my flight bag, took off my nametags, wings and other pins (we flight attendants love the pin bling!) and threw em in my Whirlpool! Once washed and dried, my uniform was crisp and clean and ready for another round! The scent of fresh morning burst was pleasant and light, a perfect laundry scent. I have to say, the Purex plus Oxi lives up to its name and doesnt disappoint the brand known for such great products, like the Purex, Zout, Natural Elements, Purex Complete 3-in-1, Purex Complete Crystals, Purex Complete with Zout and more.

Purex plus Oxi Scare Away Stains Sweepstakes

You know I like a great sweepstakes just like next next sweeper. So here is one you cannot resist because it is a CASH PRIZE! Thats correct readers sign up for your chance to win up to $1,000 in cash! There is one grand prize of $1000 and a years supply of Purex plus Oxi and 250 2nd prizes of $25! Check it out HERE.

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