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Arms on: Canon EOS M assessment

Hands on: Canon EOS M review

When we saw that the Canon EOS 650D has a hybrid AF system for enhanced automatic focusing in Reside See and video clip style we felt convinced that we were being viewing Canon's mirrorless technology in a DSLR.

And we were being proper, because inside of the Canon EOS M, the business's first compact technique digicam (or mirrorless method digicam ), is particularly the very same 18 million pixel APS- Do format CMOS sensor.

In simple fact, quite a few of the inside parts of the Canon EOS M are the same as in the EOS 650D.

Lens mount

A single notable big difference from the Canon EOS 650D, even so, is the lens mount. The Canon EOS M introduces the new Canon EF-M mount, which is nearer to the sensor in the M than in Canon's APS- C format DSLRs.

This reduction in the flange depth is a crucial element of generating the Canon M smaller than a DSLR, and it truly is attainable because there is certainly no mirror that could foul the end of lens.

Canon EOS M review

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Canon has released two new EF-M lenses to enhance the EOS M the EF-M eighteen -55mm f/ three. 5 - 5. six IS STM and the EF-M 22mm f/ 2. STM. The eighteen -55mm is very likely to be the most well-liked, considering that it's additional flexible. It truly is noticeably more compact than the present EF-S eighteen -55mm lens. It also has a increased excellent experience with a metal, somewhat than a plastic, mount.

Meanwhile, the EF-M 22mm f/ two. pancake lens maybe offers away Canon's aspiration to produce a CSC that also appeals to enthusiast photographers, because it is these people who are more probably to value the advantage of this kind of a large greatest aperture and a fastened focal duration.

Existing Canon people might be pleased to understand that Canon has also unveiled the Mount Adapter EF-EOS M, which permits EF and EF-S le nses to be mounted onto the EOS M. This consists of no optics, but has contacts to allow communication amongst the digital camera and optic.

Canon EOS M review

Like Canon's APS- C format DSLRs, the Canon EOS M has a 1.6x focal duration magnification factor, so the eighteen -55mm lens makes a watch equal to a 28. eight -88mm lens, though the 22mm optic is equal to a 35mm lens.

The STM in the title of the new lenses stands for Stepper Motor. These lenses are especially created for use when capturing movie and they have a slower, smoother focusing movement than Canon's USM optics. This is generally thought of desirable for online video.

It will be exciting to see how quickly the focusing is with STM and USM lenses mounted ( through the adapter in the instanc e of the USM optics) when we get a entire output sample of the M. We identified that these lenses complete well on the Canon 650D in reflex style (that is when photographs are composed in the viewfinder), but the Canon M only operates in are living see style.

New current market

According to Canon UK's David Parry, Canon is aiming the EOS M at a new marketplace - men and women who want to get a little bit additional from a digital camera than a compact design can offer you them, without having the complication or bulk of a DSLR. It's for people who want to require far better photographs, but who never automatically consider on their own photographers or want to develop into photographers.

Parry isn't going to assume that the Canon EOS M will erode profits of the Canon G series of premium compact cameras, since these models have more immediate controls with dials for capabilities this kind of as exposure compensation &ndash which could place off unskilled photographers.

Canon EOS M review

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Even though it could be aimed at novices, the Canon EOS M has a fair bit to offer knowledgeable photographers too, considering that it has the enthusiasts' close friends Aperture Priority, Shutter Precedence and Handbook Exposure modes, in addition to a assortment of scene modes and Scene Smart Car mode, which instantly selects the appropriate scene style.


Inside the EOS M, Canon has coupled the same 22. three x 14.9mm (APS- Do format) CMOS sensor and Digic five processor in the Canon EOS 650D to enable a indigenous sensitivity selection of ISO one hundred - twelve,800, which can be expanded to ISO twenty five,600.

Apparently, irrespective of the existence of the same sensor and processor, the Canon EOS M are unable to shoot constantly at very the exact same greatest price as the Canon EOS 650D. It can only deal with 4.3fps as a substitute of 5fps. We will be wanting into why this is later on, when we get a digicam in for our total assessment, considering that you may well expect the lack of mirror movement in this compact technique digicam to enable even speedier capturing speeds, not slower kinds.

Update: We have contacted Canon to uncover out why the EOS M isn't able of reaching 5fps, like the 650D. David Parry from Canon Uk instructed us: "I think it truly is to do with the shutter mechanism inside of. The mechanism just isn't truly designed for pace, so it will not essentially perform at the same kind of price. Naturally you have go t the same electronics within, you can find no purpose why the sensor and the processor are unable to run at the larger speed, but I think it is really to do with the mechanism."

Canon EOS M review

As with the Canon EOS 650D, there are pixels on the Canon EOS M's imaging sensor that are committed to the section detection portion of the 31- level hybrid AF method. This is developed to blend the velocity of section detection focusing with the precision of distinction detection.

It also permits complete -time autofocusing though recording online video.

In contrast to Canon's most not long ago introduced DSLR, the Canon EOS M has no viewfinder ( either optical or electronic ). This is a consequence of there getting no mirror and photographs have to be composed on the 3 -inch one,040,000-dot Lcd display screen utilizing both the hybrid AF system or manual concentrate (with magnification if required ) to get the subject matter sharp.

The Canon EOS 650D is the initial DSLR to element a touchscreen, and the Canon EOS M makes use of particularly the very same gadget, but in a fastened instead than an articulated housing.

Canon EOS M review

There's no flash created into the Canon EOS M, but a new smaller flashgun, the Speedlite 90EX, is included in the box with the digital camera and lens (or lenses, depending on which package you acquire ). This can be mounted in the Canon EOS M's hotshoe, has a information amount of 9m @ ISO one hundred and can be used to supply added gentle or act as a grasp flash to brin g about other guns wirelessly.

All latest Canon Speedlite flashguns are suitable with the EOS M. On the other hand, we are informed that the M debuts a new battery.

Make and handling

Appearance - sensible the Canon EOS M is like 1 of Canon's Powershot mid- variety compact cameras with a even larger than regular lens. It will not have the identical variety of button and dial controls as the prime - stop Canon G1-X and Canon G12 mainly because it really is developed to be unintimidating to newbie photographers.

Thanks to its magnesium alloy and stainless steel shell the M also has a sound, superior high quality really feel.

Canon EOS M review

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On the again of the camera there's a manage wheel close to the navigation/ brief - cut buttons, and these can be utilised for scrolling by way of menus and producing settings changes.

You can find no style dial on the best -plate, but a change about the shutter launch allows you to pick amongst Scene Clever Auto ( green sq. ), digicam and movie mode. In camera mode, a touch of an icon on the display screen brings up the various selections, which includes Guide, Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, as properly as Innovative Vehicle and a collection of scene modes.

Since Canon has opted to use a capacitive touchscreen, it is very responsive and easy to use, requiring just the contact of a finger relatively than a press. It is swift and straightforward to locate the shooting mode that you want.

Canon EOS M review

Tapping any of the possibilities on the Fast Menu screen permits you to modify the settings either with a touch of the display screen or employing the controls on the back again of the digicam.

As with the Canon EOS 650D, you can pinch-to-zoom to magnify or shrink pictures and swipe to scroll by way of shots on the Canon EOS M. It truly is a really speedy way of operating and more intuitive than employing the navigation button and so on.

We had been only able to use the Canon EOS M indoors for this preview, and in these circumstances the Liquid crystal display screen gives an great watch of the scene becoming composed. We had no problem concentrating manually when the see was magnified, and particul ars are crystal clear and sharp.

Canon EOS M review

On the other hand, we know that reflections are a bit of an concern with the Canon EOS 650D's monitor in vibrant sunlight, so we can believe that the identical will be correct of the Canon EOS M's screen. This will not be improved by the fingerprints and smudges that are an inescapable outcome of employing a touchscreen. We will test this completely when we get a digicam in for extensive review.


So significantly we have only applied pre- production samples of the Canon EOS M, and we were not able to examine any pictures on a pc display screen, which means we will have to hold out to know for specified how very good its photos are. On the other hand, since it uses the identical sen sor and Digic five processing engine as the Canon EOS 650D, the early signs are quite fantastic.

Canon EOS M review

Although we can anticipate the good quality of the images from the Canon EOS M to be close to these from the Canon EOS 650D at the centre of the body, we have to element in the new lens mount, which is nearer to the CSC's sensor than on Canon DSLRs. This signifies that maintaining the picture quality into the corners of the frame will have presented Canon's engineers with a problem when designing the lenses.

Canon EOS M review

On the plus side, each the EF-M lenses that we have seen have a superior excellent really feel, and the eighteen -55mm lens particular ly impresses. In addition, Canon has a ton of expertise of making higher excellent lenses, and the PowerShot G1-X, which is a compact camera with a sensor that is close to APS- C dimensions, was not found wanting in the graphic high quality stakes.

Canon EOS M review

Due to the fact it is really a mirrorless digicam, the Canon EOS M relies on its hybrid AF technique extensive -time. 1st impressions on this are great, but we want to use the camera in a large variety of situations before we pass judgement. It's the identical technique as in the Canon EOS 650D, which operates nicely, but with out the back again -up of getting capable to use a viewfinder and a focused period detection AF sensor.

Canon EOS M review

In other respects we can assume it to be company as usual for Canon, with the usual white balance and metering efficiency. But we will not likely be using this for granted and will exam the Canon EOS M completely when we get a extensive - generation sample.

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