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Get your Mars Rover and space news fix with these Android apps

The landing of NASAs Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars enthralled the population on Sunday evening. It also acquired a lot of men and women enthusiastic about NASAs awesome area missions when once more. To hold track of how Curiosity is undertaking, and maintain current on all the news about a variety of room exploration missions, check out out these Android apps.

NASA App ( Free )

Captain Obvious, we know, but seriously, theres no superior app out there for area news, especially as this unmanned Mars rover was launched by NASA. This app delivers spectacular imagery, mission information, video and reside streaming of the NASA Television feed. Its a excellent way of making certain youre up-to-date on all that Curiosity discovers. This ap p is worth trying to keep on your smartphone even when the mission is comprehensive.

Mars Map ( Free of charge )

Mars Map, from ATLOGIS Geoinformatics, is a beneficial app for people who want a much better idea about the geography of the mysterious Red Planet. This 2 -D map is totally interactive, employing Mars Digital Imaging Map two. 1 (MDIM), and you can even search a database of the planets characteristics. To find wherever NASAs Curiosity rover landed, just search for Gale the landing place is in the northwest corner of that crater.

Download the Appolicious Android app

Planets Place ( Totally free )

While there are many additional in-depth star chart map apps in Google Perform, we select Tim Gaddis Planets Position due to the fact it keeps factors straightforward and only exhibits you the place the planets (Mars integrated !) in our Solar Method are. Utilizing Planets Positio n in conjunction with other news sources and apps, youll be able to observe the evening sky and stage out specifically which twinkling heavenly physique is Mars itself. That is confident to impress the youngsters ! Retain the app useful upcoming time there is an eclipse as well it can calculate when and wherever it will be visible.

NASA Be a Martian ( Totally free )

This app from NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory could aid pique younger childrens interest in the Mars rover mission since of its substantial degree of interactivity. It offers a number of strategies to get additional concerned like pictures and news, behind-the-scenes features, video clips of people today working the missions and the opportunity to inquire inquiries. The app is a great accompaniment to NASAs site which lets you be a virtual tourist on the Red Planet.

MarsClock ( Cost-free )

Yep, at initially glance, I thought this was simply a clock for your Android household screen that makes use of a great picture of Mars. But how wrong I was! As an alternative, Mars Clock by Scott Maxwell is an alarm clock that lets you see instances for all 3 of NASA's Mars rovers Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. You can even set alarms in Martian time so youll generally know what time it is on the Red Planet especially if you want to observe some coverage on NASA Television at a particular time.

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