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Kodak strike by patent lawsuit loss but will attractiveness once again

Kodak hit by patent lawsuit loss but will appeal again

Kodak has been rocked by yet another patent attractiveness reduction in its case versus Apple and RIM.

The Worldwide Trade Commission (ITC) in the US has upheld a ruling at neither Apple nor RIM violated Kodak's patents relating to electronic picture preview technology, the so- named '218 patent.

The battling digital camera company had hoped to boost funds as it goes by means of personal bankruptcy but will not see the $ one billion ( approximately £650 million) in royalties that it was hoping for from the court instance.

It is really not about 'til it really is in excess of even though, as Kodak ideas to charm the ruling once again.

Kodak occur back again

It unveiled a declaration stating, "The validity of the '218 patent has been upheld in past litigation at the ITC and was affirmed by the US Patent and Trade Workplace in the deal with of two independent problems.

"We are confident that its validity will be upheld."

The digital camera maker has decided to end producing electronic cameras right after submitting for individual bankruptcy security back in January 2012.

As part of the procedure, the organization is looking to market off its electronic imaging patents &ndash and the court docket ruling will be a blow to the price that consumers will see in some of these technologies.

From Reuters

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