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Canon: DSLRs absolutely still have position in the marketplace

Canon: DSLRs definitely still have place in the market

Canon, which launched its initial compact technique camera yesterday, the Canon EOS M, has claimed it however believes you will find a huge industry for SLR cameras.

Predictions have been produced that compact program digital camera revenue will overtake DSLR sales throughout the globe by 2015, just as they previously have in Japan.

Speaking to TechRadar, David Parry from Canon Uk stated, " Which is a complicated one particular to phone, DSLRs certainly still have their location in the market place.

" They're extremely rapidly to use manually, they even now have a much more advanced autofocus when dealing with points like rapidly - shifting topics, and clearly optical viewfinders are really handy, specially in vibrant situations or when the subject is quite far absent."


Canon was the last major manufacturer to launch a compact process digicam to the industry, joining the current market with the EOS M which capabilities an eigh teen million pixel APS- Do dimensions sensor, the correct similar unit as observed in the business's EOS 650D DSLR.

Aimed at newbies, the M comes with a price tag of £769/$799, building it close to the same value as the firm's bigger end entry- level cameras.

"I won't be able to really comment on what's heading to come about in the long term," Parry continued, "But all I can say is that it's a truly fascinating time to be involved in images."

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