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Fresh Android Apps for Aug. 1 : Pictarine, Spotify update, Iron Crusade

Todays Fresh Apps assortment is led by Pictarine which lets you browse the photos your close friends publish on several social networks all in a single app. Up coming up is a huge update to Spotify which opens it up to non-subscribers who can access its streaming songs radio features. In the gaming planet, weve received Iron Crusade, an old- school turn- primarily based action title with neat retro graphics and loads of challenge.

Pictarine ( No cost )

Pictarine brings together the most current images of the people you comply with on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr. It focuses solely on photographs, enabling you to keep up-to-date with the photos that matter the most though stripping away all the other noise.

Pictarine is also quite easy to use. You simply connect with your favorite present social networks (there are 11 appropriate now), then each time you open the app, youll see the new images from buddies and peers. The app streamlines commenting, liking and sharing and its uncomplicated to bookmark your preferred photos.

Spotify update ( No cost )

Hot on the heels of the iOS update a couple of weeks ago, the Android version of Spotify has followed suit and now delivers streaming radio solutions to all app end users, even if theyre not subscribed to Spotifys other solutions.

Previously, only paid subscribers have been in a position to use Spotifys mobile apps. Now, non- paying out listeners can use an ad-supported version of the radio function and create a streaming station comparable to the way Pandora performs. Despite the fact that it doesnt offer all the advantages complete subscribers have access to, its still a different wonderful way to find new music on the go.

Iron Crusade ( Totally free )

Iron Crusade is turn- primarily based action game. It definitely has an old- school vibe appropriate down to its traditional style 8 -bit graphics and sound effects. Youll be joining the imperial tank squad and conquering planet following planet to increase the empire.

The planet is totally destructible and youll need to have your strategy cap on to succeed and defeat properly -armored enemy tanks. There are 22 difficult levels to plow by means of with 15 achievements obtainable. Expect sensible physics and upgradeable weapons plus difficult bosses on just about every planet.

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