Senin, 06 Agustus 2012

Monitor your cardio with the SoFit Android app and assistance Stroll A Mile

Seeking for a enjoyable new way to track your fitness efforts? The free of charge Sofit app for Android is the most recent fitness app to reward you for generating strides in walking, running and biking. Just monitor your activity every single time you head outdoors or to the fitness center for some cardio and then make Sofit factors to redeem for rewards.

You can be really philanthropic with this healthier Android app as properly. How, you request ? Properly, only decide on to donate your points earned in the direction of Walk A Mile, its as simple as that! Stroll A Mile is a global work by the U.S. State Division and the 2012 London Olympic Games to enhance fitness levels. So by working with the Sofit app, youre assisting to encourage people everywhere to get in form and lead a healthy life-style. If this charity isnt up your alley, you also have the chance to use your points toward other merchandise that may well far better suit your taste.

The much more activity you track with the Sofit app, the far more fitness points you earn. If you get the job done out the moment a week you will generate a bronze medal, twice a week you get a silver medal, and three instances in one particular week will earn you a gold medal. The much better the medal, the greater the multiplier of points you will make for that week of fitness.

You have to have steady use of the GPS function on your cellphone, so get ready to have your battery drained.

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