Senin, 06 Agustus 2012

Shop stylish and savvy with the Kaleidoscope app for Android

Its a fashion kaleidoscope on your Android gadget ! If you really like the uber well-liked Pose app or use Pinterest, you will also really like, enjoy, really like the just-as- stylish and totally free Kaleidoscope: Fashion Inspired app for Android.

Open the app and your Android screen is right away populated with tons of fashionable style photographs for you to peruse and shop from at your leisure. Click on a picture and then swipe via to see each photo at full display view if you do not want to go back to the kaleidoscope view.

This trendy app is a style lovers dream. The editors at Kaleidoscope gather the most stylish photos from elegant bloggers, enviable street fashion, and of program, fashion demonstrates to bring consumers the ideal of the ideal in style photographs.

The ideal component of the app is that the editors make is super effortless for you to shop each seem. Only decide on the photograph that you have your eye on a handbag, necklace, s unglasses, or what ever, and then shop the search ! You can also share your favourite photos on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter thanks to the helpful integrated hyperlinks on each and every chic photo. But, you can't conserve your favourite images inside the Kaleidoscope app however. Hopefully that will modify quickly !

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