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Fresh Android Apps for July 30: GuidePal City Guides, Final Fantasy, Bourne Legacy: Operation Intel

Commence the week off suitable with dreams of travel! GuidePal City Guides delivers travel information on quite a few globe cities and its updated often to hold things fresh. Last Fantasy, the classic Square Enix RPG, which was originally released all the way back in 1987, has made its way onto Android. Also, weve also obtained the lowdown on Bourne Legacy: Operation Intel, a game tie-in to the upcoming Hollywood action/thriller flick.

GuidePal City Guides ( No cost )

This totally free Android app supplies travel facts and suggestions for 60 cities throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Australasia (with a lot more to come). Conveniently sufficient, you only need to download the cities you want.

GuidePal utilizes a mixture of locals and professional writers to update these city guides each 12 weeks so the details supplied stays appropriate and fresh. The app functions large -definition maps which are offered to view offline. Get info that will make you truly feel like a local up coming time you pay a visit to a new city.

Final Fantasy ($ six.99)

Despite emerging on Google Play a month right after its second sequel, Final Fantasy III, first appeared, news of the Android availability of the original Last Fantasy will no doubt be greeted with joy by supporters of the Square Enix RPG series.

Final Fantasy is in fact the Android version of the game that was first released on Sonys handheld PSP, which, in turn, was a remake of the unique NES version. Confused but ? Properly, its even now a touchscreen-optimized knowledge, full of the enjoyable RPG action an d epic storytelling you keep in mind (or have come to expect ) from Square Enix.

Bourne Legacy: Operation Intel ( Cost-free )

Though this film isnt out for a couple of weeks, the hype is most likely constructing up someplace. Why not get a headstart on your peers with this new game tie-in to the action/adventure spin-off starring Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton.

Use the app to embark on ten true - world missions finish with global leaderboards. Good results will unlock exclusive audio clips from The Bourne Legacy and reveal much more about the mysterious Intel system. The game taps into your Androids spot - mindful capabilities and missions can be played anywhere with Google Maps protection.

Download the Appolicious Android app

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