Senin, 06 Agustus 2012

Document all your tasty meals with the Evernote Food app

In this age of social media, fashionable food snapshots have turn out to be the new child picture. Men and women carry all around a photo of last nights dinner and submit it on their social media pages like they just gave birth. Im not kidding you have friends like this also, no? Effectively now you can make a complete meals essay of your dinner with the cost-free Evernote Meals app for Android. Why just consider a photograph when you can capture the ambiance, setting and your fellow diners, too ?

The tasty Evernote Meals app permits you to tag your meals as effectively as add area and detailed notes. Its like your virtual meals diary only of just the most tasty meals you have ever tasted. Of program, you can share your meals by posting on social media, emailing, or even syncing with your primary Evernote account.

Foodies will love this tasty app for every day culinary adventures. Standard folks will uncover this a wonderful addition to their travel app selec tions. I know each time I go on trip I have a tough time remembering the place I ate what. So the following time I come to go to, I can pull out my Evernote Food app to remember precisely what it was that I located so tasty and in which I identified it at.

Another way to use this food -centric app is to track meals produced at residence and dinner parties for friends. Its not just a dinner out app. You can use this app for any meal, anywhere. Its also fantastic for individuals who want to monitor their meals for a diet program program.

Download the Appolicious Android app

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