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Nikon 1 V1 review

Nikon 1 V1 review

Update: now with ISO sensitivity take a look at images.

Like the Nikon one J1 ( go through our Nikon 1 J1 review ), launched at the same time, the Nikon 1 V1 is a compact process digital camera (CSC). This suggests that it lacks the reflex mirror and optical viewfinder found in DSLR cameras, but it can acknowledge interchangeable lenses.

Not astonishingly, the Nikon V1 has a lot in prevalent with the J1, not least the ten. one million powerful pixel sensor, EXPEED three processor and the new Nikon 1 lens mount.

Even though Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung and Sony have opted for 4 Thirds and APS- C sized sensors in their CSCs such as the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2, Olympus PEN E-P3 and Sony NEX-F3, Nikon has taken a leaf out of Pentax's ebook and utilised a more compact product. In Nikon's circumstance this is a CX format sensor that measures 13. two x eight.8mm.

Nikon v1

Restricting the V1's helpful pixel count to ten.1MP indicates that the sensor just isn't excessively more than populated, but nevertheless the smaller sensor dimensions suggests that the Nikon J1 and V1 engineers had their operate reduce out to keep picture sound down. More compact sensors typically signify smaller sized photoreceptors (pixels) and more compact receptors get a lot less gentle so they make a weaker picture signal, which involves better amplicfication and the finish final result is typically a noisier photograph.

The most obvious difference in between the Nikon V1 and the J1 is that the V1 has an digital viewfinder (EVF), which adds a lump to the leading -plate. Though Nikon J1 consumers have to articles on their own with composing photographs on the 3 -inch, 460,000 dot screen, V1 proprietors can opt for involving making use of the EVF or the 3 -inch, 920,000 dot monitor.

Another essential distinction amongst the two cameras is that the Nikon J1 has a created -in flash, whereas the V1 doesn't. The Nikon V1 does, nevertheless, have a hotshoe that can take Nikon's new SpeedLight SB-N5 flashgun.

Nikon v1 review

Since they lack a mirror to bounce gentle onto a committed period detection autofocus (AF) sensor, an situation with most compact process cameras is that they use slower contrast detection autofocus techniques. Nikon's answer to this issue is to use a hybrid AF system that works by using stage and contrast detection. Both the V1 and J1 use seventy three pixels on their imaging sensor as AF sensors. These pixels are even now applied to make up the graphic, even although they're utilized in focusing.

Stage detection AF is commonly faster than and contrast detection AF, but contras t detection is additional exact, so making use of a hybrid technique ought to provide the greatest of both worlds.

Unusually, the Nikon V1 has the two an digital and mechanical shutter, and the person can choose which to use via the menu. We are instructed that employing the mechanical shutter can lower down on the blooming that can happen around bright highlights when an electronic shutter is applied, but immediately after shooting a collection of comparison images, we're not able to authenticate this.

Nikon v1 review

A critical gain of an electronic shutter is that more quickly continuous capturing costs are attainable, and the Nikon V1 and J1 can shoot at up to 60fps, with 30fps and 10fps alternatives also currently being available.

Extensive High definition 1920 x 1080p movie recording is possible at 60i, 30 p (29.97fps) or 60p ( 59.94fps). In addition, gradual motion video can also be recorded at 640 x 240 at 400fps or 320 x a hundred and twenty at one,200fps, each of which are performed back again at 29.97fps.

In Movement Snapshot mode, the camera shoots a snippet of entire High definition footage at sixty nine.94fps for replay as at 23.976fps ( building it all around a single 2nd very long ) with accompanying tunes and ending with a however picture. Footage is recorded to the buffer memory from the instant the shutter launch button is 50 % -pressed, so the video incorporates slow - motion action from the level right away prior to the shutter launch is pressed house.

Like the J1, Nikon is aiming the V1 at family members photographers and those who want something much more than a compact digital camera without the bulk and complication of a DSLR. These end users are very likely to rely on automated exposure modes, but each cameras also have Program, Aperture Priori ty, Shutter Priority and Handbook (PASM) exposure modes.

With a avenue cost of about £620 ($745 in the US) for a kit that contains the 1 Nikkor ten -30mm f/ three. five - 5. 6 VR lens, the V1 is set to be the a lot less popular of the two cameras - the J1 ten -30mm package retails for close to £375 ($497 in the US).

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