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Will the Canon EOS M strengthen CSC product sales easily ?

Will the Canon EOS M boost CSC sales rapidly?

Following months of speculation, Canon last but not least joined the compact system camera market place with the Canon EOS M, but what does that signify for the relaxation of the market place ?

The initial compact method camera was launched by Panasonic back in 2008, with the Panasonic G1. That used a 4 Thirds sized sensor and the company was joined not way too very long after by Olympus, also making use of the Four Thirds system.

Because then, every key digital camera maker has created a compact system digicam, or most likely a lot more correctly, a mirrorless gadget, in one particular shape or an additional.

Sony and Samsung were being upcoming to the marketplace, launching APS- C format cameras in 2010, even though Nikon waited until eventually the latter part of previous 12 months to launch its try, with the little ( 1 -inch) sensored Nikon 1 process.

Other, gamers include Pentax (with the Pentax Q and Pentax K-01) and Fujifilm, with the re tro (and pricey ) Fuji X-Pro1.

Will the Canon EOS M rapidly boost CSC sales?

Many camera makers, most notably Panasonic, have created predictions that DSLR sales will decline in decades to occur, with compact process cameras getting the vast majority of the industry by 2015. In Japan, this is currently the case (as of 2011).

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Canon EOS M vs Nikon 1 V1/J1
Canon EOS M vs Nikon 1 V1/J1

Now that the world's biggest digicam maker, Canon, has ( eventually ) joined the fray, it could be safe to believe that fast enlargement in this sector of the marketplace will now really begin to start, as education by means of promoting and pre ss coverage will boost.

Nikon has currently designed fantastic in- roads with the Nikon one J1, which at a variety of details in its 12 month life has been the finest promoting compact process digital camera in the Uk.

You can find nonetheless a fairly substantial chunk of the digital camera - shopping for community who you should not know what a compact process digicam is. To those individuals, image quality and large functionality are affiliated with cameras that let the lenses to be adjusted and for them there is no variation in between a CSC and a DSLR.

Some more regular photographers, on the other hand, believe that that little cameras with no a mirror are unable to match the image quality of DSLRs.

That, coupled with the actuality that Canon experienced formerly declined to enter the market, irrespective of saying that CSCs have been a " excellent notion ", may possibly have signalled to some that CSCs had been a development that may possibl y not have been probable to adhere about for excellent.

Will the Canon EOS M rapidly boost CSC sales?

It seems that other suppliers have also been waiting for the digicam giant to action into the arena. Adrian Clarke from Fujifilm informed us before this calendar year that CSC enlargement was immediately tied to Canon moving into the market place, while Sony also mentioned that Canon launching its own mirrorless digital camera would lend CSCs reliability.

Present income details suggests that compact technique cameras in the Uk account for approximately a 3rd of interchangeable lens cameras bought, though in the US, the current market is slower, with around 22% of the market place.


Of people lenses sold, Panasonic normally takes the lion's reveal for the instant, and at pr esent it has the premier proprietary lens range of any on the market place. Canon, by distinction, has introduced just two optics for the Canon EOS M, an eighteen -55mm package lens and a 22mm f/ 2. pancake lens.

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Active DSLR (EF and EF-S) lenses can be connected by way of an adaptor, while of system these larger optics raise the all round dimension of the digital camera.

Quite a few individuals see and use compact system cameras as their different, back again -up bodies, for when carrying a weighty DSLR just isn't desirable. With its huge APS- C sized sensor, it appears far more probably that the Canon EOS M will appeal to DSLR shooters than the Nikon 1 system, which even though appropriate ( by way of an adaptor) with the active variety of Nikon F mount lenses, functions a smaller, one -inch sensor.

With September's Photokina 2012 creeping at any time nearer, we usually knew that 2012 was likely to be a massive calendar year for the compact system digital camera. Rumours advise that there will be lots of new launches at the world's greatest photography trade demonstrate, with numerous of these likely to be mirrorless improvements. So maybe 2012 will be the year that CSCs actually get off.

So the issue is now, what will 2013 deliver ? Enjoy this area.

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