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Romney plans to announce VP working mate on new Android and iOS applications

4 years ago Barack Obama texted his assortment of Joe Biden for vice presidential working mate. Following month, Mitt Romney ideas to announce his pick by means of brand new Android and iOS applications.

Mitts VP, which was created by Romney for President, Inc., will send an unique drive Notification when the former Massachusetts governor is ready to share his assortment with the planet. The app also consists of campaign news and backlinks to merchandise product sales.

The Obama campaign also this week released a brand new iOS application referred to as Obama For America. Developed by the The Democratic Get together, the app contains details about the presidents policy initiatives, curated news about the campaign, and links to donate including the skill to send funds by way of an SMS message. An official Android application for the Obama campaign is also in the performs.

Not their very first efforts in the app retailers

Mitts VP and Obama For America are not the 1st applications produced by each and every presidential campaign through this political season. Romneys With Mitt iOS application will allow consumers to super-impose playful campaign messages on best of photographs they take with their smartphones. Regrettably, for the Romney campaign and its supporters, that app is remembered a lot more for butchering the spelling of America (Amercia) than anything at all else. One more iOS app produced by the Democratic Nationwide Committee termed Obama 2012 is no longer available to download.

Download the Appolicious Android app

As you may possibly expect, the user critiques around Mitts VP and Obama For America have a lot more to do with ideology and partisan flame wars than the production valu e of just about every application. Two greater profile 5 -star opinions on the Google Play store for Mitts VP are headlined Obama a socialist Muslim from Kenya and Nobama. Classy and creative, individuals. Testimonials for Obama For America on the iTunes App Store are mostly from gushing fanatics who appreciate a 1 cease shop for all issues Obama.

Less biased possibilities

While these official applications from the candidates are little far more than properly - generated media channels for propaganda and fundraising, there are various independent apps that let interested citizens tap into unfiltered info about the candidates, their guarantees and their policies.

The ideal is Politifact Mobile, the mobile extension of the Pulitzer Prize-winning web site published by the Tampa Bay Occasions . The app, obtainable for $ one.99 on Android and iOS gadgets, characteristics a Truth -O-Meter that vets major st atements by just about every candidate (as well as key figures in the campaign). Ratings can assortment from Correct to Pants on Fire.

For individuals searching for more details about Senate and Property of Representatives candidates, the free Congress app from Sunlight Foundation is your ideal bet. On iOS, check out out the identical Congress application ($.99 for iPhone and $ 4.99 for the iPad) from Cohen Investigate Group. The apps detail the voting records, campaign donations and workers of just about every existing member. The Congress apps also includes make contact with information and Twitter feeds when obtainable.

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